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Box Pickleball, Cornhole, & Music Fest 2024 Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino CT August 20-22, 2024

1 / PickleFest? What exactly is this?

Box Pickleball is bringing together Picklers of all ages and skill levels to a fantastic location at a beautiful resort in the Northeast. For 3 days we will be providing unlimited open-play; clinics; demonstrations; celebrity matches; team challenges; a vendor village and 3 nights of fantastic live music suitable for everyone! (Silent Disco? That you will have to come and see for yourself!)

2 / What do I get for full access?

You get to play as much pickleball as you can from 7am - Midnight! AND you get to experience the full breadth of events and shows planned for the day. (You also get to brag to your friends that you were at the 1st annual Pickleball & Music Fest!)

3 / Can I bring my young children or grandchildren?

Yes, no doubt they will also fall in love with pickleball! Children under 10 are FREE!!!!! That’s right, kids play pickleball for free with a paid adult!

4 / What do Volunteers get?

Registered volunteers not only receive our complete gratitude, but will get an authentic “one of a kind” PickleFest2024 staff shirt and have full access to the event on the day volunteered. Our staff will welcome anyone willing to help us make this the BEST festival ever!!!!

5 / What are the “Team Challenges”?

We have set up challenges on each day to help celebrate teachers, college students, and our first responders/military. Match play will be established enabling all members of the team to play at least one game per match. Tournament style brackets will be managed depending on number of participating teams. Banners, flags and unique team uniforms are encouraged!

6 / If I don’t belong to a “Team” for a Challenge, can I join one?

Of course! Simply check in with a Box Pickleball Staff Member or Volunteer and we will find a team for you to join!

7 / Can I bring a team to any team challenge day if we don’t have a Teacher, College Student or First Responder represented?

Absolutely! Even though we have dedicated celebration and challenge days scheduled, teams can enter any day to collectively enjoy the fun.

8 / Are hotel rooms included in the price?

No, however Mohegan Sun is offering a special PickleFest rate to our valued guests and fellow picklers. Our registration site has all the details!

9 / Will pickles be served?

Without a doubt, yes! We are currently reaching out to local and national pickle makers to come and join our vendor village.

10 / What if I get hurt playing pickleball?

Safety is extremely important to us and Mohegan Sun, so plenty of medical staff will be on-site to assist with a variety of issues.

11 / If I am still on the fence about PickleFest2024, what should I do?

Reach out to any Box Pickleball employee or call Pete for a convincing chat about our festival and community plans.
( has all the contact information needed)

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